Character Strength Rating In Demon Slayer

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In the world of Kimetsu No Yaiba, demons and demons are two forces that exist parallel to each other, constantly fighting and fighting for hundreds of years without getting bored.

If the demon side has the Twelve Moon Demons submissive under the demon lord Muzan, then the side of the devil team will not be inferior when playing for themselves the nine turrets to hunt for demons. The strength of a pillar can be compared with an army and are the only ones who can stand up to the ranks of Highness and Demons.

So the question posed here is that among the nine pillars of incumbent at present, who is the strongest person in Kimetsu No Yaiba? Join the ranking of the strength of the pillars in Kimetsu no yaiba below!


Topping this list is the lava pillar Himejima, the oldest brother of the demon squad. Demon Lord Muzan once declared that human bodies are many times weaker than demons and that no one has a chance of victory when confronted with demons. However, Himejima’s existence was a direct blow to this statement. Because even before joining the massacre and properly trained, Himejima was able to kill demons with bare hands, something no one has ever been able to do.

More specifically, Himejima’s eyes were unable to be seen from the moment he was born and he fought completely with sound. The most noble moon must also be very surprised by this character’s ability and think that it is too ridiculous to be able to feel and support everything just by feeling the sound resounding in the metallic sound, when the fibers chain impact.

The lava’s strength and muscles had grown to the most unusual and perfect levels in history. Similar to the oldest, the lava pillars also have the ability to see the spirit world. When awakened the demonic seal at the age of 25, as soon as the sun appears, the pillars will have to say goodbye to life to make room for a new generation.

This is a character with a very special way of fighting when he bears the name of concubine of the demon corps, but does not use a sword, but carries a whole mace and ax to fight with great brute force. However, the weapon of the lava pillar was forged by the legendary forging worship from the last century that no one of this era can compare. Furthermore, it has been exposed to pure sunlight for a very long period of time, so it has more demonic-killing properties than any other weapon that has ever appeared.

2. Muichirou

Number two on this list is young people with the blood “grandchildren of the father” Muichirou. Although he possesses a lethargic personality, a mind on the clouds, plus a fragile body, this is an unprecedented exception in the history of the demon squad, when he can climb the ranks of the pillars. in less than two months after holding the sword.

As soon as he debuted to the audience, with just 1 stone and a snap of the mist, Muichirou was able to knock out Tanjirou just because he was too annoying. This is also the only pillar that can defeat a noble moon demon in a 1 vs 1 duel, and still return without a single wound. Unfortunately, during the great war at the Endless Fortress with his ancestor, the oldest Kokushibou, Muichirou was unlucky to die before the most powerful demon in the ranks of the Twelve Demons.

3. Rengoku

Next on this list is Rengoku Pillar Inflammation, a demon killer born with an extraordinary body. Perhaps many of you will disagree with this list because despite being a pillar, but Rengoku was the first person to leave the game to return to motherland during the encounter with the Upper Tam Akaza.

However, keep in mind, this is the only character who can 1 vs 1 and beat the Three Phoenixes to death while both the Universe and Tanjirou teamed up to not even eat Akaza. Furthermore, before fighting Akaza, rRngoku was already weakened when pitted against the lowest on an endless train.

Therefore, it can be said that the power of Pillar Inflammation is really great, just because the author does not give him acting opportunities. Moreover, in the Rengoku family tree, this is a bloodline with a tradition of killing demons while creating many pillars over the past 500 years. Hopefully, in the movie Train Endless which is about to be released this year, we can once again see the return of this great universe.

4. Sanemi

Ranked 4th on this list is the head of Sanemi, the most daring young man in the series. Although possessing a personality type that is unlike anyone else, ready to give birth at all times, anywhere, every subject, but once she steps into fighting, Sanemi is extremely bloody. He even defeated the Tomioka water cylinder in a practice match.

The most noble moon Kokushibou once commented that the combination of the duo of Wind and Lava is the most powerful and perfect combination ever in the couple that he has ever met.

5. Tomioka

And then there is the water fountain Tomioka, an independent young man with the hobby of isolating himself. There is an immutable truth that has been handed down in the killing of demons for hundreds of years, that those who use the breath of water and fire will always become important pillars in the ranks of the demonic group. .

More than any other kind of breath, the breath of water is widely taught everywhere to demonic killers. This is also the kind of sub-breath with the most root branches. Although he has a rather peaceful personality and always focuses on defending and protecting others rather than attacking, Tomioka is a figure making history when able to create the 11th mode – Quiet in breath of water. Even the bodies of high level monsters whose blades Tanjirou and the Inosuke had to break when touched, Tomioka easily handled it in the blink of an eye.

6. Obanai

Next on this list is the Obanai pillar, although his appearance is always taciturn, but at the start of the fight, the blade of Obanai’s breathing is more flexible than any other character. demon team. It can flex and crash and crash into dead angles that the opponent would never expect.

In the chapters near the end, this is the only character in the pillars who can stay safe after Muzan’s rage to continue fighting this demon lord. In addition, Obanai also possesses a reliable beating partner, a small snake that acts as a replacement eye for Obanai when he was wounded by Muzan. According to Muzan, that small creature can even guess the demon lord’s movements to signal to its master.

7. Mitsuri

Next on this list is the girl who looks gentle and fragile at first glance, but she knows that the real muscular player of the demon team – Mitsuri’s Turret. Her body has a mass of muscles many times larger than a normal person, giving Luyen a power that is not the right kind, when she can hit continuously from night to morning with the upper moon of the moon.

Besides, this is also a comedian of the first category that can be compared to Zenitsu or Inosuke, creating the charm of Kimetsu No Yaiba. Mitsuri’s blade is a rare and rare form, but she is not used by anyone, when designed by the blacksmith as thin as a sheet of paper to damage enemies.

8. Uzui

Next on this list is Yin Tru Uzui, the descendant of the prestigious Shinobi clan. Ranking this character in the penultimate position will probably make many people feel confused. Because even though the battle with Thuong Huyen the moon is 5 to 1, but still has a tattered and crippled outcome. But considering it carefully, it was an unfair battle, since Uzui was severely poisoned, so there was not as much acting ground as the other characters. In addition, this flashy guy’s fitness must be in the top when he can destroy the ground with the power of his Sound Breath.

However, with a mindset that is too easily distracted in battle and always assuming that your life is not as important as the beauties, or even civilians, it is too easy to save yourself. exploited in the battlefield. Uzui would probably have been ranked higher on the list if he could be more cold and strategic on the battlefield.

9. Shinobu Kochou

Opening the line for this list is the girl who likes to put on earth, Shinobu Kochou, ranked at the bottom of the list because despite her good fighting skills, Shinobu was born with a short body. Little and the only one in the demon squad that doesn’t have the strength to behead demons. Because of that, Shinobu had to create his own fighting style, using the poison of wisteria laced in the blade to kill the enemy.

However, do not think that because ranked 9th, you can despise the ability of the person who uses the insect’s breath. Second lunar eclipse Douma, the top demon of the villain, once said that, if she had enough stamina, with Shinobu’s tremendous speed, she might have cut off his head long ago.

Shinobu is also a person with no small merit in causing dissonance of opponents, causing food poisoning for Douma, even the demon lord Muzan. So, it can be said that from a multi-purpose perspective, Shinobu may not be a strong pillar in combat, but definitely a dangerous and threatening pillar among the top ranks. demon team.