What’s In The Demon Slayer : The Endless Train – Blockbuster Anime “Accept Covid 19” Shakes The world Box Office

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The COVID-19 pandemic could discourage manufacturers, some blockbusters reschedule or fall, or have to be shown online. But it couldn’t stop “Kimetsu no Yaiba” from reaching another record.

2020 is a bleak year for the film industry. Due to the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, many blockbuster movies have had to reschedule their screening to 2021 or be shown on online channels. But the Kimetsu no Yaiba has become one of the rare exceptions. The film’s appeal has led millions of Japanese people to ignore their fear of being infected to go to the cinema.

The Japan Times page quoted information from the Ufotable studio that the movie Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie: Infinite Train earned more than $ 12 million on its opening day, after three days it reached $ 44 million. After 59 days of release, the film has earned nearly 300 million USD. So far, only Spirited Away has achieved this kind of revenue in Japan, but it took 253 days.

Demon Slayer

Developed from the famous manga, millions of fans love it

Since its debut, the Sword of Demolition has quickly become the most beloved manga series by many readers. With only 23 episodes, the work has surpassed 100 million copies worldwide. This is also the first series to occupy the Top 10 best-selling manga in a month. In the ranking for the first half of 2020, 19 volumes of the Sword of the Devil are participating. When the next three episodes were released, all 22 positions on the second half of 2020 chart were the works of Koyoharu Gotoge.

In the shonen genre (stories for teenagers), the Demon Slayer Sword is the young Tanjiro’s journey in the quest to save his sister Nezuko who has turned into a demon. On a cold snowy night, because he stayed at a village senior’s house, Tanjiro did not come home. The next morning, he returned to find his mother and the children being eaten by the devil. Only her sister, Nezuko, was still flickering, but she became a demon after being bitten. Therefore, Tanjiro must study and do his best to find ways to destroy demons, as well as bring his sister back.

The series after being transformed into an anime (cartoon) immediately created a fever across Asia. “King” One Piece ranked top 1 on the chart for the best-selling titles in a decade, first relegated to No. 2, ceding the top spot to the Sword of Demons for its attraction and sales. paralysis. The Sword of Demons is considered one of the four pillars (BIG 4) of the new generation of Shonen Jump magazine, alongside One Piece, My Hero Academia and Black Clover.

“The movie blockbuster” despite the COVID-19 pandemic

As the brand’s first feature film, Sword of Destroying the Devil: The Endless Train was storming outside in theaters. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the film grossed $ 44 million (more than 1,000 billion) with more than 3.4 million people in theaters in the first three days of its release. By the 10th day, director Haruo Sotozaki’s work has reached 11 billion yen (more than 100 million USD) in the Japanese market.

The film also became the fastest 10 billion yen anime film of all time, when Your Name (2016) took 37 days to achieve the feat. Currently, the film has earned 23.5 billion yen in the Japanese market, thereby surpassing Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) to become the third highest-grossing anime in the land of the rising sun. Your Name’s 25.03 billion yen milestone (2016).

Worldwide, the Sword of Destroying the Devil: The Endless Train also beat Howl’s Moving Castle’s $ 235 million figure to take third place on the best-selling anime list of all time. Many experts believe that the work will soon surpass both Spirited Away (2011) and Your Name when the attraction of the film has not decreased and there are still many markets that have not been released.

A dramatic, emotional fight between two sides – demons

Sword of Destroying the Devil: The Endless Train revolves around the mission of investigating the mysterious disappearances on the endless train of Tanjiro and his teammates. With the help of Rengoku Pillar Blaze, the group had to face off against the magical Blood Demonstration Magic of Lower Demon Enmu, while at the same time protecting the lives of 200 passengers safely.

The film will be a fierce confrontation between the strongest opponents from the two sides. With the compelling story and excellent graphics of Ufotable, this is a work that is hard to ignore for fans. In particular, Vietnamese audiences can still watch the full 117 minutes of the film without being “censored” for a minute.

Demon Slayer Characters

Demon Slayer has a lot of characters from different classes, here we will give some main characters:

Kyojuro Rengoku

Since the new breathing technique of Tanjiro is quite fiery, it is possible that this technique can be linked to Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira.

It has been mentioned in a way, and it is obvious that Tanjiro will give Kyojuro some advice on his new technique… provided he does have the same technique to breathe flammable and not a whole new technique.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki

In the anime, little is known about Kagaya Ubuyashiki, owing to the fact that the show barely touches on this fascinating character.

That said, there’s no denying that Kagaya is set to play a significant role in the upcoming events of Demon Slayer, and fans are eager to see what role the Demon Slayer Corps’ leader will play in the future.

Inosuke Hashibira

The character of Inosuke is surely an interesting one and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for that characters, one of Tanjiro’s new allies whose combat styles are nothing short of animalism.

He may sometimes work quite bluntly or uncouthly, but his tough exterior certainly hides a pretty soft spot for his friends, and the length he takes to ensure they are not harmed.

Giyu Tomioka

One thing, however, is sure—familiarity Tanjiro’s with the water respiration technique means he will definitely spend some time looking for Water Hashira’s mentorship.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is easily one of the most unpredictable characters on the entire show, originally like a comic-relief character… before demonstrating the unbelievable nature of the technique of his breathing, specifically, that technique which he has mastered to a T.

It is a testament to how much his unconscious is trained to face these massive threats that his combat abilities truly take the forefront.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Clearly, this point is that Muzan is about to act as an antagonist in the world of Demon Slayer – and rather interesting one.

One can only wait and see that he is prepared for humanity by diabolic plans… although it is obvious that these plans would not really be ideal for humanity in the least given the way he has dispersed so many humans in his blood-thirsty wrecks.

Kanao Tsuyuri

The introduction of Kanao to the Demon Slayer world was remarkable and it is clear that her bond with Tanjiro will be studied later in the series.

Your character already possesses a great deal of mystery and intrigue, making it a perfect match for Demon Slayer’s landscape and its unique but obtuse themes.

Genya Shinazugawa

Of all the Demon Slayers that were introduced in the series, Genya is one of the most unique fighters… especially since he is not able to breathe right at first!!

Instead Genya reaches his strength by eating the flesh of demons, allowing him to line the divine world into a hybrid fighter, who definitely has a great deal of potential in this series.

Nezuko Kamado

Tanjiro’s precious younger sister suffered a devil attack, which eventually made her a demon… even if she was able to retain her humanity somehow.

It is this interesting dynamic around the character of Nezuko who easily makes him one of the most likable characters of the whole show, and fans can only root for a good ending, including this adorable person who gets her humanity back.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro’s sheer level of tragic events following the murder of his family by demons – save for the sake of Nezuko itself – is nothing short of disastrous and turns this person instantly into a compassionate person and an almost perfect person in fans’ eyes.

Of the unbelievable struggles, he was already a part of his sleeping potential, it is obvious that Tanjiro is sure to do greater things, and it’s only hopeful that he and his sister will live the life they deserved before the tragedy hit their family.

List of episodes


Tanjiro Kamado is a young boy, who lives happily with his family until one day, except his sister Nezuko, he arrives to find his mother and sister slaughtered but became a demon. The demon hunter Giyū Tomioka is coming and trying to lead him, but Tanjiro protects her and promises to turn her back into a human. After being impressed by Tanjiro’s rapid wit, Giyū eventually decided to let the two brothers move, despite the transformation, and to send them to a man with Nezuko in order to protect her brother. Named Sakonji Urokodaki in the Sagiri mountains and warned Tanjiro that his sister might be keeping his sister out of the sun. These brothers buried and left hand in hand their family members.

“Iku-shu Urokodaki Sakonji”

Tanjiro went to Mount Sagiri and carried the Nezuko on his back during the day in a stubborn basket. On the way, another demon is attacked. Then Sakonji Urokodaki appeared and ordered Tanjiro to kill him, but he hesitated till morning as the demon was burned in the sunlight. Although he was concerned that the kindness of Tanjiro and his weak resolve could make it difficult for him for him to fight the demons, Urokodaki took him and Nezuko to the Sagiri Mountain, where he left Nezuko sleeping in the cabin. In order to see whether he was fit enough to become a demonshunter, Tanjiro goes up the mountain, asking him back at dawn. Combating traps in combination with Tanjiro tries to use his sharp smell of the fragile mountain air, to detect and escape trap fragrances, allowing him to return in due course. Dawn. Dawn. Dawn. Urokodaki recalls Giyū’s letter asking him to train him and accepting Tanjiro as his disciple.

“Sabito to Makomo”

Tanjiro has trained in Urokodaki for the next six months, improve his physical condition and learn a special respiratory method The absolute breath of concentration to speed up its endurance and speed. One day, Urokodaki tells him he will put Tanjiro in his Final Choice – a survival test decided on by the Demon Killer army – if he can slash his sword on a rock. Find out who can be the hunter of a demon. Tanjiro tried each one with failure for the next six months, while Nezuko kept sleeping. Concern about Nezuko and his consistent failures push Tanjiro to the point when he encounters two children, Sabito and Makomo, with fox masks. Sabito deformed Tanjiro initially,reprimand him not to be deeply absorbed in the motions of Urokodaki in order to support him in his fighting, while Makomo patiently trains and teaches Tanjiro’s skills every time he wakes up. Makomo revealed that the two were Urokodaki orphans. Tanjiro’s blade finally reached Sabito in a match after a further six months, cutting his mask into two. Both smiled and disappeared. He realized that the rock had actually been cut by two by his sword, he thought had cut it through Sabito’s mask.

“Saishū Senbetsu”

It has been two years since Nezuko became a demon and Tanjiro starts the final selection. Urokodaki warns him before leaving that the strength of a devil is equal to the amount of people he’s eaten and he has a protective spell with a fox mask. Tanjiro goes on to Mount Fujikasane and creates a prison for demons where the wisteria flowers bloom all year round. Tanjiro was instructed to survive there for seven days to pass the test. Tanjiro uses his training for his first night to defeat all the demons he meets, until he and another candidate face to face with a giant demon transformed from the table. When he realizes that Tanjiro is an Urokodaki pupil from his Fox Mask, the demon hand promises to kill him, and he happens to kill 13 Urokodaki students, since he has been taken by Urokodaki himself, the school’s Sabito and Makomo were the games that demon murdered. In a rage, Tanjiro strikes her. The Sabito and Makomo fantasies, coming back to the rock, wonder if Tanjiro could derail the man who killed both of them, who did not cut his throat in the past. Sabito remembered the hardest of them by Tanjiro and trusted him. Tanjiro successfully decapitated the demon by launching a series of attacks.

Onore no Hagane

The demonic body broke up and the souls of the Urokodaki students killed Go to the next day. When the devil dies, he recalls when he turned into a demon when he was a boy and he always longed, even after his transformation, to hold a warm hand, in particular his brother’s. Tanjiro smelled his body sadness, holding his hand, and the devil was weeping. In the following week Tanjiro continued fighting mountain devils, asking them for a way to make again a demon a human, but no answer.The exam was finished with Tanjiro and three others, all assigned the lowest of 10 ranks. He is a Mizunoto just like he has a Kasugai crow to communicate.The uniforms are also given and the ear can be selected for the production of your personal swords. Tanjiro returned to the cabin and met Nezuko, who woke up from his 1⁄2 year slumber.Urokodaki deduced that by sleeping to restore strength Nezuko would make up for his cannibalism. Fifteen days later, Haganezuka, a swordsman, delivers Tanjiro’s sword. Tanjiro turns black, a rare color which superstitions consider unlucky. The Nichirin blade generally changes color in depending on the user. Tanjiro’s crow Kasugai announces its first mission: to the north-west town where young children go to kill the top demon every night.

Oni o Tsureta Kenshi

Tanjiro put Nzuko in the box on his back, accompanying her into the city where the girls disappeared at night. He meets Kazumi there, the night before his fiancee Satoko was gone.Tanjiro starts to observe the scent of the demon and takes him to the spot his girlfriend was last found. When he was defeated by the parents of Satoko, Kazumi recalls that the unbeliever Satoko disappeared and, realizing that Tanjiro was part of the Army of the Assassins, he assumed to have done something to him. You give you information, Treasurer. During the night, Tanjiro watched the demons continuously. Another young girl who had been kidnapped by Tanjiro deduced from a liquid environment that the demon moved underground.Tanjiro and Nezuko together fought against Youkai, transformed into three individual entities and had “Blood Magic Magic Magic” capabilities – special techniques that demons can use when they have sufficient power. Tanjiro remembers Urokodaki telling him about Muzan Kibutsuji, the thousand year-old ancestor of all the demons and the only person who might make humans demons.

Kibutsuji Muzan

Tanjiro went to the dawn to fight the other two clone demons, while Kazumi and the human girl protected Nezuko from the demon. In spite of the thin air and the dark swamp, his breathing shows his true power under the water, enabling him to build a vortex that reveals and kills two demons, returning quickly to the surface.Tanjiro asks him to speak of Muzan, making his demon totally terrified, surprising, Tanjiro. The two brothers face the last demons, who have been severely injured. After the battle Nizko sleeps back to his body, while Tanjiro consoles the lost fiancé of Kazumi and returns his hair ribbon to the swamp that he found. At first, Kazumi was sad but, having realized the like of Tanjiro, he apologized. Through his crow Kasugai, Tanjiro travels to Asakuza and found out that Muzan lives here and disguised as the father of a human family. Following him Tanjiro follows Muzan’s scent.

Genwaku no Chi no Kaori

Tanjiro is forced to fight it, and Muzan has a chance to escape, but not until he hears Tanjiro vowing to find him again. The police are coming and trying to draw Tanjiro out but Tamayo and her compañero Yushiro, a nearby demon, are helping him. Tamayo also has the dignity of human lives while she is a demon. While she is also a doctor. She gave the two brothers shelter in the house, concealed them from Yushiro’s curious Blood Magic’s oddious eyes and explained how every devil was able to affect the blood of Muzan and his parts and movements. Follow-up: If the matter of not being damaged is mentioned, it is called the ‘Kibutsuji curse’.

Tamayo revealed that she finally managed to neutralize Kibutsuji’s curse after 200 years of unceasing research and learned the ability, although this procedure is only done on imminent patients, to convert humans into demon. Yushiro was the result of her experiment, dying and choosing to only transform himself into a demon, in order to survive. She and Yushiro’s bodies have also been adjusted to survive by means of a small amount of human blood bought as a blood transfusion. Tanjiro agrees to work with Tamayo to develop a cure for Nezuko, which would allow her to study the blood of her sister and to bring her blood to Muzan for research from strong demons.

Temari Oni to Yajirushi Oni

The Twelve Demon Moons and their powerful generals, serving directly under Muzan, were members of Susamaru’s house-smashing tempari and Susamaru’s blood demonstration, Yushiru and Yahaba destroyed. Tanjiro struggles, until Yushiro helps him to see the arrows of Yahara to control the tempari of Susamaru, to avoid her entire timar, and to fly in impossible and difficult ways. Although Nezuko attacked Yahaba, the two brothers were forced by his Blood Demonstration to change their adversaries. At first, Yahaba overpowered Tanjiro in the attempt to get closer, by changing his path, and a temari cut Nezuko’s leg off.Tanjiro recalls his training and while tired, he unleashes a mixture of moves against the arrows that manage to lead Yahaba.

Zutto Isshoni iru

As Yahaba collapsed, he continued to attack Tanjiro and resolved to kill him till his death. After he moved to reduce his impact, Tanjiro got totally exhausted.Through Tamayo’s healserum, Nezuko can participate in fighting Susamaru and her strong will reinforces her strength, until she can kick back the temari without being hurt.Then Tamayo uses her demonic magic of Blood to lower her watchfulness through the smell of her blood and inadvertently make Susamaru activate the Kibutsuji curse when she’re killed in pain by telling his name.Tamayo observed that the two devils were too weak for the Twelve Demons since there were numbers of the members of the Twelve Moon Demons on the eyeballs, but Susamaru still took some blood.After the battle, Tamayo noted that the two demons were too weak to become members of the Twelve Demons, as members of the Twelve Moon Demons had a number engraved on the eyeballs, however she still took some blood from Susamaru.In the morning, Susamaru returns to her Tempari in the morning before it breaks up into the sun. While Urokodaki has spelled Nezuko to make her view humans as enemies, Nezuko sees Tamayo and Yushiro as protect human beings, making Tamayo cry out with gratitude.