Inosuke Hashibira – The brashest character in Kimetsu no Yaiba

Inosuke Hashibira - The brashest character in Kimetsu no Yaiba

Inosuke is a character who has won a great deal of affection for the Kimetsu no Yaiba fan community because of his quagmire.

Inosuke is one of the characters loved by the Kimetsu no Yaiba fan community because of his wit, humor and “inverse” personality with his face. In addition, he is a close friend of the main character Kamado Tanjirou, along with a very special ability that not all characters can do.

Inosuke Hashibira

Personal information

  • Hashibira Inosuke 「嘴 平 伊 之 助 Hashibira Inosuke」
  • Birthday: April 22
  • Gender: Male
  • 15 years old
  • Height: 164 cm (5’4 ″)
  • Hair Color: Blue & Black
  • Eye color: Green

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Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira often wears a gray boar mask that is always worn on his head, even though he is a member of the Demon Order, but he often does not wear the same uniform as the other swordsmen. Normally he would be naked and show off a muscular muscular body, but his body is the complete opposite of his feminine face, shoulder-length black hair, large blue eyes and long lashes. your.

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Inosuke himself is extremely hot-tempered and arrogant. Making a lot of money from challenging his opponents proves that it is Ino’s only hobby. He also doesn’t like to be a loser so he always competes with Tanjirou and always provokes him to compete with him, however most Inosuke takes defeat.

In addition, living and growing up in the mountains also made it difficult for him to interact with others, most of which he only cared about himself.


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Inosuke’s mother was Kotoha and she was murdered by Thuong Xuanzhi Douma. When Kotoha was killed, Kotoha had taken Inosuke to flee but stopped at a cliff, there was no way to save her child, so she had only one way to go, to drop him off the cliff. body was terminated by Douma.

As if Inosuke died, he was lucky to fall into a lake and was raised by a herd of wild boars.

In one incident, Inosuke encountered a young man named Takaharu, who at that time was still a child and was fed by Takaharu’s grandfather. It was Takaharu’s grandfather who taught Inosuke how to speak, because if not, Inosuke would only be able to cry “eh, uh” like a boar.

Natural ability

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Tactile sensitivity: Due to the number in the mountains, Inosuke has developed an extremely sharp touch and he can even feel small fluctuations in the air, thereby locating the opponent. at a very long distance.

Combat ability: Raised by a boar, he is more able to fight than humans, this is demonstrated by his ability to defeat other demon hunters with pure strength, not through a course. any training.

Outstanding strength: Living in the mountains for a long time has also forged Inosuke great stamina, typically in his muscular body.

Flexibility: Inosuke’s body is so flexible that he can remove any joint on his body, and even move his internal organs to another location. Parallel is his extremely sharp intuition when he can predict the direction of the enemy’s attack, and at the same time assess their strength.

Toxins Resistance: Inosuke’s skin is resistant to many different toxins and even antidotes, Shinobu once thought that his skin was similar to badgeria.

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Inosuke’s Sword Art

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Beast’s Breath (獣 の 呼吸 Kedamono no kokyū?): A sword skill that Inosuke learned and honed while living in the mountains. Plus his sense of touch, he can create many different moves at any time. Inosuke calls direct attacks “nha” (claws) and calls other techniques “form” (sword strike “).

First Fang: Xuyen Bat (壱 ノ 牙 穿 ち 抜 き Ichi no kiba: Ugachi nuki): Inosuke stabs the target’s neck with both blades.

Second Fang: Iron Penalty (弐 ノ 牙 切 り 裂 さ Ni no kiba: Kirisaki): A double slash with his two blades diagonally (like X).

Third Fang: Real Liet (参 ノ 牙 喰 い 裂 き San no kiba: Kuizaki): Slashes the target’s throat.

Fourth Fang: Iron Jail (肆 ノ 牙 切 細 裂 き Shi no kiba: Kiri koma zaki): One slash in succession with both swords.

Fifth Fang: Frenzy (伍 ノ 牙 狂 い 裂 き Go no kiba: Kurui zaki?): A technique that cuts everything in all directions.

Sixth Fang: Hang Gio Disturbance (陸 ノ 牙 乱 杭 咬 み Roku no kiba: Rangui ga mi?): A slash in the head with his two swords slashing at the same time from both directions.

Seventh Awakening: Space of Awareness (漆 ノ 型 空間 識 覚 Shichi no kata: Kūkanshiki kaku?): Inosuke can locate enemies by sensing small fluctuations in the air.

Eighth Mode: Blazing Strong (捌 ノ 型 爆裂 猛進 Hachi no kata: Bakuretsu mō shin?)

Ninth fang: Body ・ Cave Lies (玖 ノ 牙 伸 ・ う ね り 裂 き Ku no kiba: Uneri zaki?)

Tenth Fang: Enten senga (拾 ノ 牙 円 転 旋 牙 Jū no kiba: Enten senga?)

Some trivia information about Inosuke

Ino (伊 之) in his name is probably a pun on “猪” (Inoshishi / Ino, meaning “boar”).

Inosuke is left-handed.

Inosuke’s height and weight are 164cm and 63kg, respectively.

Inosuke is from Tokyo-fu, Okutama-gun, Mount Oodake.

His hobby is playing Kotoro kotoro (the game that Tanjirou showed him).

His favorite food is Tempura, a fried shrimp dish.

Inosuke has a side story about his past in one of the Extra.5 episodes of the Kimetsu no yaiba Manga.

Inosuke ranked fifth in Kimetsu no Yaiba’s first popular character survey.

Inosuke seemed very scared when facing Shinobu.

With the above information, we hope to be able to partially answer questions for fans of the film in general and Inosuke in particular.